The original launch of this course was in 2016 on the website We moved all our tools and trainings over here in 2019. This is the exact same link-building training course, but rebranded under

Page One Power helped a website grow from nothing in 16 months to 40,000 monthly session with content marketing.

This course will give you the tools and knowledge to be a better marketer. So that you can grow your career and be qualified for new opportunities.


Atera initially signed up for a three month trial. Then, Atera was offered a six-month contract. Finally, Atera was offered a 12-month campaign. After seeing the quality of Page One Power's links and our investment to learn more about their industry, Atera was given a full year.

They were able to offer great advice to students on how to set goals, conduct competitor research, create content audits, and generate ideas that would help them transform their inbound advertising efforts.

This training has been a game changer for my agency. We tripled our rates because we were able offer high quality, true OUTREACH type link building. This training is an essential part of any SEO agency.

We will share what has been learned over the last 10 year. Our link building program will teach you how to create valuable, meaningful, evergreen and high-quality links that promote your business. Each training course can easily be customized to fit your business, website, and goals.

They were able to offer great advice to students on topics such as goal setting, persona analysis, content audits and competitor research.

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All past course members were migrated to this new platform. Access will be retained for 1 year.

Discover how search engines work with social media and the interconnected channels that drive them. Make use of social media marketing and content marketing to improve your SEO strategy. You can also learn how to leverage influence marketing to increase authority on a website.

This course will teach you how to set up a program that works for you. Show the value to your stakeholders even if you don't know much about SEO.

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