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This module is about how to hire virtual writers and assistants. Here are some useful videos that can help. You will need a virtual assistant (virtual assistant) in order to help with your link building tasks. This module will teach you how to manage your VA freelance, how to monitor their work and how they track it.

Businesses want to create links in order to improve their SEO performance. However, as counterintuitive as this may sound, it is not a good strategy to build links just for SEO.

Take advantage of all opportunities

Don't let your outreach campaign fail! Marketing beginners and even experienced marketers often make mistakes in outreach campaigns. In fact, over the last few years, I've sent thousands of outreach campaigns emails and have learned many lessons. I get more than 100 links building pitches from people every month, and 99% of them are horrible. You must learn how to be that 1% of brilliance.

Pre-built templates that will help you manage your campaign. Email templates with high conversion rates to help close sales pitches. Project management templates to help keep you organized.

This skill is rare but vital for SEO performance.

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You will learn how you can research effectively and find blogs you can reach out too. This module will also show you how to either create your own outreach system or use Pitchbox. I also discuss the topic of purchasing backlinks. The topic of paying for backlinks is very controversial. Instead, I will share with you both the right and wrong ways to purchase links.

Access our Community to get amazing insight from hundreds of marketers about their link-building strategies. Each month, more content is added by our moderators to the platform.

Make your next campaign of link building a huge success

seo training 2022

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This module will teach you how Ahrefs is used to locate targets for broken linkbuilding. I'll also show you how to use Pitchbox outreach tool to automate your broken linking outreach campaign

You can find a step-by-step PDF guide in every video. Each guide covers a particular subprocess of link building campaigns.

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best seo training 2020

They will deliver top-quality work every time. This module also provides information on how to hire high-quality writers, where to find them and how you can create your own "pool” of writers for different niches. In order to create the best link building articles, you will need to be able to give your writers briefs and an outline of the article.

We do link outreach. Not link building. This means that our process shows you how to identify niche-relevant links and make high-converting pitches in order to secure the link. Our processes are completely white-hat, Google approved, client friendly.

An entire, proven system -- not random techniques

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They will deliver top-quality work every time. This module will also explain how you can find quality writers, where to look for them and how to build your own "pool” of writers for different niches. In order to create the best link building articles, you will need to be able to assign briefs and outline your article writers.

This system is great for agencies that want to generate a new stream income. Our processes can be run in low-cost labor (inhouse or offshore) - just pass the videos on to your staff. They will love our trainings.

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seo basic training