This course was updated in 2019 and still contains much of the original material. A complete product roadmap has been created which stipulates that all of our trainings will be updated annually.

To build your brand, you will need to have reputable links and strategically-written content. Our 11+ year experience has allowed us to do exactly that for clients. We are here to help.

"Help a Reporter", also known as HARO, connects journalists to sources. It's simple: You pitch your stories on the subject you're interested to journalists. You hope they enjoy your story, so they include it in their article/material and provide a link to your website. Although it can be time-consuming, I will show you how to save your time! You'll also see how I hired a virtual assistant on Upwork for PR and how she pitched journalists every day on behalf of me earning me some great backlinks.

This system is ideal if you are looking to increase your income stream. Our processes are low-cost and can be done in house or offshore. Simply share these videos with your staff.

This book is for marketers who are looking to optimize their marketing campaigns and get organized.

Don't let your outreach campaign fail! Marketing beginners and even experienced marketers often make mistakes in outreach campaigns. In fact, over the last few years, I've sent thousands of outreach campaigns emails and have learned many lessons. I get more than 100 links building pitches from people every month, and 99% of them are horrible. You must learn how to be that 1% of brilliance.


This course is crucial if you want to...

You will also learn some clever ways to build supplementary links. In this module, you will learn how to build a stock-photo-library. This helps you get passive links per month from bloggers who are interested in using your images.

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This course was first launched in 2016 by, our agency's website. All of our tools and trainings were moved to this location in 2019. The same link building training course has been rebranded as under

Learn how content marketing and social networking ecosystems drive search results for websites. As part of your SEO strategy, leverage social media and the content marketing channels. Discover how to use influence marketing for authority.

You will find an exclusive video by Andy Crestodina at the end of this module. He is a guest contributor to this course.

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