The original launch of this course was in 2016 on the website We moved all our tools and trainings over here in 2019. This is the exact same link-building training course, but rebranded under

Discover how search engines work with social media and the interconnected channels that drive them. Make use of social media marketing and content marketing to improve your SEO strategy. You can also learn how to leverage influence marketing to increase authority on a website.

The module concludes with an exclusive video made by Andy Crestodina as a guest contributor.


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Don't let your outreach campaign fail! I see many marketers, both beginners and more experienced, making mistakes in their outreach campaigns. In fact, I have sent thousands in outreach campaign emails in the last two years and have learned many lessons. I receive more than 100 link-building pitches each month from other people, and honestly, 99 percent of them are horrible. You have to find that 1% level of brilliance.

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This module will show you how to effectively research blogs and identify relevant blogs to reach out to. This module also discusses how to set up your own outreach program or use Pitchbox. I also cover the topic: Buying Backlinks. It is controversial to pay for backlinks today. Instead, I will tell you what the right and wrong way are.

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"Help a Reporter", aka HARO short, is a database that connects reporters with sources. It's very simple. You simply pitch your stories for journalists on a subject that interests you. You can expect them to like your story so they will quote you in their article/material with a link back from your website. While it is a time-consuming process, I'll show the lazy way! I'll also tell you how I hired Upwork's PR Virtual Assistant. She was pitching journalists daily for me and earning me amazing backlinks.

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