This system can be used by agencies to create new streams of income. Our processes are designed to be low-cost (in-house and offshore) labor. Just pass these videos onto your staff. Our trainings will make them experts.

This resource is for marketers that want to be more organized, optimize, and improve marketing campaigns.

"Help a Reporter", aka HARO short, is a database that connects reporters with sources. It's very simple. You simply pitch your stories for journalists on a subject that interests you. You can expect them to like your story so they will quote you in their article/material with a link back from your website. While it is a time-consuming process, I'll show the lazy way! I'll also tell you how I hired Upwork's PR Virtual Assistant. She was pitching journalists daily for me and earning me amazing backlinks.

Over 3,000 SEO professionals have used the techniques described in this training. It quickly became the preferred guide for agencies seeking to build profitable links outreach teams. You don't necessarily have to believe our words. The students of The are pleased to share the positive results they've seen.

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All these elements ensure that writers deliver high-quality work on time. This module will also explain how to hire top-quality writers, how they can be found, and how to build your own "pool" to write for specific niches. This module will teach you how to give an outline and brief to your writers to help with link building.

Our core business is link outreach. We don't do link building. This means you will learn how to find and pitch high-converting links to secure them. Our processes comply with Google guidelines and are client-friendly.

We can help you increase your business through our partnerships.

I will demonstrate how Ahrefs works to identify broken link building targets. You'll also be shown how to use Pitchbox as an outreach tool to automate broken link building outreach campaigns.

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All these elements ensure that writers deliver high-quality work, on-time. This module also provides information on how to hire quality writers, the best places to find them, as well as how to develop your "pool" of writers to cover different niches. This module will teach you how to give your writers briefs and an outline of the article in order to obtain the best quality articles necessary for link building.

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